Davening / Arba Minim (Four Species) Update

Davening will be five minutes early this morning–7:55 AM. It is written in halacha that it is important to show Hashem that we are willing to wake up early, not only when our lives are on the line, but every day. Therefore, on the day following Yom Kippur davening is five minutes early to symbolically show our desire to serve Hashem. 

Arba Minim–Four Species
Congregation Toras Chaim Lulav and Esrog Pick up will be This Sunday–i.e. Today, September 23rd at Zaide Zeuven’s Esrog Farm (David Wiseman), 17203 Graystone Drive.

Pick up times are:

  • From 10 AM – 1 PM: Mehudar or Mehudar Plus
  • From 1 PM onwards: All orders

Directions to Zaide Reuven’s Esrog Farm
Go South on Hillcrest just past McCallum
Make a left on McKamy
Take the 2nd street on the left–Graystone
They are the 2nd house on the left 17203 Graystone Drive (Red door.)
Go through the gate on the left to the garage at the back.
If there is no one there, knock loudly on the front door.
If you need to reach David Wiseman please call (home) 972- 931- 5596 or (mobile) 469- 939- 5596

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