Mazel Tov On Our New Home


  • Building Dedication: $100,000 – The structure would be named Beis ________ Kehillas Toras Chaim – would include exterior wall plaque and name in proximity to the front entrance. Plus donor would be honoree at first shul banquet following dedication of the new building. All learning and shiurim in the first year would as well be done in the merit of the donor or whoever the donor may designate.
  • Renovations Sponsor: $40,000 – Would include dedication “Renovations donated by _____ in memory of________” and would include entryway plaque.
  • Beis Medrash Dedication: $25,000 – would include plaque and name over entryway.
  • Sanctuary: $25,000 – would include plaque and name over entryway.
  • Children’s Play Center & Yard: $20,000 – Dedication Plaque
  • Aron Kodesh – $15,000 – would include plaque.
  • Bima: $10,000 – dedication plaque.
  • Amud: $5,000 – dedication plaque.
  • Paroches: $4,000 – dedication plaque.
  • Ner Tomid – Donated. Yasher Koach to the donors.
  • Bima Cover: $2,500 – dedication plaque.
  • Amud Cover: $800
  • Bookcase: $1,000 – dedication plaque (we have MANY bookcases that need to be donated!).
  • Mezuzah: $500 (16 Mezuzos Total: 15 Mezuzos left. . .1 sold) – dedication plaque.
  • Table for Beis Medrash and Beis Tefillah $250 – Wood tables with solid frames for davening and learning. We need a lot!
  • Chair Dedication (A lot of chairs!): $100 – Plush metal-frame congregational chairs with a pocket in the back for siddurim. Comfortable and made for congregational use!


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  1. kalmanizer & RRR says:


    Wishing Congregation Toras Chaim LOTS of success in their NEW home! :)

  2. i wish a HUGE Mazel Tov to CTC on the new home! I encourage everyone to donate generously. MAZEL TOV!!!!!! I cant wait for the new home.

  3. Judy Safern says:

    Mazel Tov!!

  4. Malka Amster says:

    Mazal Tov on your new home. May you go from strength to strength. Best wishes!
    Malka Amster

  5. Yehudah Palmer says:

    A huge yasher koyach to kehilas Toras Chaim on the new home!! It’s been a long time coming!

  6. elie karfunkel says:

    There is no one in the world that brings the kedusha of shomayim down to earth like Rabbi Rich and his haylegah Kehilla. Mazel tov !!and continued success.

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