Help Raphael Elisha Meir ben Devorah Cohen


Help Raphael Elisha Meir and the Cohen family in their fight for his life.

The Cohen family, of Houston, Texas is facing a battle none of us should have to go through – aggressive brain cancer in their 6-year old son Refael Elisha. Having recently received the devastating news from their doctors that “there is nothing more we can do for him”, the Cohens are turning to a last resort – Antineoplaston Therapy at the Burzyinski clinic. However, the FDA pulled their approval for this treatment in 2012 pending further clinical trials. We are told that the FDA is nearing approval to resume this treatment, but Refael Elisha does not have time to wait.

The FDA has the power to approve a “compassionate use exemption” so Refael Elisha can undergo this therapy to try and save his life.

We are asking the FDA to grant this exemption so we can continue to fight for his life.

>>Please sign the government petition in order to authorize the FDA to grant a compassionate use exemption to Refael Elisha Cohen for Antineoplaston therapy.

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  1. Eylon says:

    Here is a news report (video) of a child, who survived a cancerous brain tumor, After the Doctors were out of options his father chose to be unconventional

    Non THC Hemp oil is legal to purchase in all 50 states just do a search for Real Scientific Hemp Oil.It is high in Cannabinoids, the agent that is proving to heal cancer.
    Here is a video of a Dr.testimonial about a child patient being healed w/Cannabisoil
    MAY the ALMIGHTY G-D HEAL Raphael Elisha Meir ben Devorah speedily!!!! If any one sees this post and knows the Cohen Family, please make it your duty to at least let them see this post and its respective links. We all look forward to Good news of healing however it comes

  2. DS says:

    Great News The Petition For Refael Elisha Cohen Has Well Over 100,000 Signatures!!!!!!

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