The Grand Rebbe of Modzitz in Dallas


“Mishe Nichnas Adar Marbim B’simcha”

Your Are Invited to Participate in an Historical, Inspiring and Unforgettable Shabbos, featuring the esteemed Grand Rebbe of Modzitz shlit’a of B’nai Brak . . . Renowned Tzaddik and Member of the Council of Torah Sages of Israel, Shabbos Kodesh Parshas Veyakheil, Feb. 20-24, 2014

Modzitz has been known for generations for their Torah and uplifting melodies, many of which we sing till today! The Rebbe will be accompanied by an impressive entourage of Modzitz Chasidim, led in song and zemiros by the world renowned chazzan R’ Yaakov Motzin. The Rebbe will also be accompanied by the following distinguished luminaries who will grace the Dallas Community with their presence and their inspiring Divrei Torah:

  • Rabbi Nosson Scherman, founder and editor-in-chief of “Artscroll”
  • Rabbi Dr. Zvi Hersh Weinreb, distinguished speaker and Executive Director Emeritus of the OU; renowned psychotherapist


  • Thursday Night: Advanced “Chaburah b’Inyonei Purim” for men, at the home of Dovi Adlerstein, 6223 Prestoncrest Ln, 8:45 PM, with R’ Zvi Ryzman
  • Friday Morning: Advanced Shiur to the Kollel Members, 11:00 AM, with R’ Zvi Ryzman B’inyonei Purim
  • Friday Night: Renowned Chassisidic accompanyment to the Service, at Cong. Ohr Hatorah
  • Friday Night: Chassidic Tisch of song and mystical thought with the Rebbe and the Chassidim 9:15 PM at the home of Richard and Shelley Glazer, 6222 Dykes Way
  • Shabbos Day Services with Chassidic song, at Cong. Ohr Hatorah, beginning 8:45 AM
  • Following Kiddush, Rabbi Nosson Scherman will speak on “Our Anchor in the Waves of Today’s Society”
  • Parsha of the Week before Mincha with Rabbi Zvi Hersh Weinreb 4:45 PM at Cong. Ohr Hatorah, “Mishkan, Shabbos & My Life: a Chassidic Perspective”
  • Mincha 5:30 PM followed by Shalosh Seudos with the Rebbe and his entourage at Cong. Ohr Hatorah
  • Gala Melave Malka meal for the entire Dallas Jewish Community featuring live music, and the presence of local and visiting Rabbis and scholars joining the Rebbe, a chance to dance and rejoice together! At Cong. Shaare Tefilla, 9:00 PM. Adults only, due to space limitations

Home hospitality will be arranged for those families from outside the south eiruv or from out of town who would like to join us for this unique, inspiring Shabbos. For that, or to join and help in any way contact us at [email protected]. We look very forward to spending this joyous, uplifting Shabbos with the Dallas Jewish Community!

Host Sponsor

  • R’ Zvi Ryzman of Los Angeles, prolific author, lecturer and business leader

Organization Sponsors

  • The Vaad of Chassidei Modzitz, DATA, Cong. Ohr HaTorah, Cong. Shaare Tefilla, Young Israel Cong., Cong. Toras Chaim, The Sephardic Torah Center of Dallas, Cong. Ohev Shalom, DATA of Plano, Jewish Learning Center of Far North, YJP Dallas, Chabad of Dallas, Chabad of Plano, Achdut Israel Cong.

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