Arba Minim for Succos 5779

Congregation Toras Chaim is proud to offer the best quality Arba Minim (Lulav & Esrog Sets) at very cheap prices.

All qualities listed in the PDF Order Form are 100% kosher for use for all ages, including the Chinuch/Basic set.

>>Arba Minim Order Form 2018

Open PDF order form, print, and mail or drop off with payment to Rabbi Yaakov Rich, 7119 Bremerton Ct., Dallas, TX 75252.

Questions? Call Rabbi Yaakov Rich at (972) 835-6016 or email [email protected]. Please attach check to the PDF form. Unfortunately orders cannot be accepted without full payment. Please make checks payable to Congregation Toras Chaim.


  • Chinuch/Basic $50
  • Standard $65
  • Premium $85
  • Deluxe $100
  • Special Deluxe $110


  • Deri Lulav $20
  • Extra Haddasim $10
  • Extra Aravos $10

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