Shabbos of Inspiration with Rabbi Deon Nathan

Congregation Toras Chaim Presents a Shabbos of Inspiration for Rosh Hashana, with Rabbi Deon Nathan, Scholar-In-Residence, Shabbos September 8, 2018 (was Sept 1), including Community Luncheon for all in attendance at after Kiddush speech. (All for men & women, except where noted.)

Shabbaton Sponsored by Ben & Lauren Nise.

  1. Friday night in shul just before Maariv: Growing from the Parsha
    Speech Sponsored by Pinchas & Tricia Sutkin in honor of all our wonderful bachurim learning in yeshivos

  2. After Kiddush in the morning: Shabbos in the White House
    Speech Sponsored by Moshe & Ariella Bush

  3. » COMMUNITY LUNCHEON served family style, FREE, for all who attend the after Kiddush Speech. Please email Rabbi Yaakov Rich if planning on attending. Seating is limited.
    Luncheon Sponsored by Moshe & Ariella Bush in honor of celebrating their Second Wedding Anniversary

  4. One hour before Mincha: The Economics of Judaism
    Speech Sponsored by Rebekkah Bodoff

  5. Shalosh Seudos (for Men Only): Being Honest with Ourselves
    Speech Sponsored by Rabbi Reuven & Selina Wortrich

Rabbi Deon Nathan

Over the past dozen years living in Israel, Rabbi Deon Nathan has accumulated a wide range of skills and experiences, both Rabbinic and lay, that are well suited to community leadership.

He received Smicha Yora Yora in 2003, and became a certified Mohel, Shochet, Sofer STAM, and Mashgiach Kashrut as well. After several years in full-time learning, he studied at Bar-Ilan University and earned my MBA degree in International Business. He worked in several fields, including corporate finance, international private banking, and in start-ups. In his last professional position as the COO of Vitalcare Medical, he was the first employee, and successfully ran the operations of the company while spearheading the successful regulatory approval of this non-invasive cardiovascular diagnostic product in Europe.

Over the past few years Rabbi Nathan was engaged in full time learning, focusing on practical Halacha and giving classes to as wide a range of people as possible. He completed a course in Women’s Reproductive Health, and have played an active role in the activities of Torat HaMishpacha, promoting up-to-date medical education of community Rabbi’s, and answering questions via the organization’s Tahareinu hotline.

He currently serves as the CFO and COO of Torah Day School of Dallas.

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