Major Announcement: Bein Hazemanim Beis Medrash for Boys

Major Announcement:

Yirmiyahu Rich will be making a Beis Medrash for boys grades 8-12, every weekday, 8-9:30 AM at CTC. Program will run beginning Friday after Y”K until Rosh Chodesh. Breakfast will be served at approx 7:30 AM following Shacharis. Cash incentives for attendance, with a bonus for perfect attendance.

Please email Rabbi Rich at [email protected] or text Rabbi Rich at (972) 835-6016 to register.

Sponsors to Date:

Yitzchok Elchonon and Racheli Rich $100 | Ben and Lauren Nise $100 | Anonymous $200 | Charles and Sharon Michaels $100 | Larry Rich and Wendy Lavine $100 | Alex and Amanda Machado $100 | Josh and Lisa Rothstein $100 | Anonymous $100 | Rabbi and Mrs. A.Z. Kosowsky $100 | Yerachmiel and Shira Martin $90 | BJ and Brocha Adrezin $100 | King Professional Engineering $100

May you merit a portion of all the Torah to be learned in this amazing Beis Medrash program.

Thank you very much for your generous participation.

Rabbi Yaakov Rich

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