CTC Professional’s Kollel

Congregation Toras Chaim is proud to introduce the CTC Professional’s Kollel, a program of skills-based learning for men with careers.

Monday through Friday, 9-11 AM, the daily schedule includes a 30 minute halacha shiur consisting of one amud (side) of Shulchan Aruch, Rema, Mishna Berura with some Biur Halacha, followed by 30 minutes of chavrusa review. This is followed by a 45 minute gemara shiur (currently learning first perek in Shabbos), consisting of all Gemara and Rashi and many Tosafos inside. This too is followed by 45 minutes of chavrusa review.

Besides Halacha and Gemara, you will learn:

  • Grammar
  • Historical background and contextual information
  • Talmudic syntax and exegesis
  • Ways to decipher the Gemara, Rashi and Tosafos
  • Complex thought processes and systems of Talmudic logic

If this program sounds like the opportunity you never had, but wish you did, or, has piqued your interest, please email Rabbi Yaakov Rich at [email protected] or call (972) 835-6016 .

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