Kosher for Pesach Wines & Spirits

Enjoy the finest for Yom Tov from CTC.

Exciting News for Pesach

CTC is putting together a wine and liquor shipment. — all kosher for Passover —  from our special New York supplier. Interested? How does yummy Moses Date Vodka sound? Regular vodka? Gin? Tequila? Brandy? Cognac? And many, many, wines. (See below for ordering wine).

Tell us what you want, and how many, and we will place the order for you. If you have specific wines you like, please tell us which ones.

Our supplier is one of the world’s great experts in wine and spirits, and even if you order a sampling in different price points it is guaranteed that all the wines and spirits will be of the most tasty and best quality.

This was a last minute decision. We need to make the order tonight so everything can arrive by Pesach.

We do not have lists of wines or spirits available, so ordering is being done by specific brands or names, if you know them, or by price point

Please Note: We won’t know the final prices until I have received the invoice from the supplier, including shipping, which will be divided equally among everyone on a per bottle basis.

You are obligated to pay for whatever you ordered.

These wines and spirits are not available in the Dallas area, but we have a connection and are placing this order in time for Pesach, special for our members and friends.

Ordering Wines: We need to know

  • White or Red
  • Dry or Sweet
  • Mevushal or Non-Mevushal
  • $20-30
  • $30-40
  • $40-50
  • $50-60
  • $60-70
  • Name your price…

The order is being placed tomorrow. Contact me by email at [email protected].

Wishing everyone a chag  kasher v’sameach.

Rabbi Yaakov Rich

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