Shabbaton with Rabbi Eliyahu Heller

Congregation Toras Chaim Shabbaton, May 18, 2019, with Rabbi Eliyahu Heller

The community is invited to Congregation Toras Chaim, Shabbos, May 18, 2019, to hear a pre-Lag B’Omer/Shavuos Shabbaton from Rabbi Eliyahu Heller (formerly of DATA). Rabbi Heller is know for his erudition, and completely novel interpretations of the teachings of our Sages.

The Shabbaton is generously sponsored by Ben & Lauren Nise.

Shabbaton Lectures

1) Lag B’Omer: Love in the Night (Between Kaballos Shabbso and Maariv Friday Night)
2) Torah: Who is Truly Free?
(Immediately Following Kiddush Shabbos Morning)
(Sponsored by John & Dina Taylor)
3) Shavuos: Why Do We Learn Torah?
(7:05 PM Shabbos Afternoon)
4) Ben Torah in the Workplace: A Fresh Perspective on Navigating the World at Large
(During Shalosh Seudos Starting 8:20 PM)

All classes are for men and women.

Shabbos hospitality is available. Please contact Rabbi Yaakov Rich, [email protected] if you would like to stay in our community for Shabbos.

There is no charge for attending any of the classes.

Sponsorships at $250/class are available. Please contact Rabbi Yaakov Rich, [email protected] if interested.

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