Shabbos Schedule Shelach 5779

Kiddush this Shabbos is sponsored by “Yitzchok & Tami Ellis, in honor of Rosh Chodesh. Also, to show our gratitude to Hakodosh Baruch Hu, the Riches and our friends at CTC that have helped us along our journey. Thank you.”

Shalosh Seudos this Shabbos is sponsored by the shul.

Please contact Rabbi Yaakov Rich at 972-835-6016 if you are interested in sponsoring kiddush or shalosh seudos in the future.

  • Shabbos Schedule
  • Friday Night, June 28th
    • Mincha/Kabbalos Shabbos/Maariv–7:00P
    • Shabbos Candle Lighting–8:21P
  • Shabbos Day, June 29th
    • Mishnayos shiur with Rabbi Reuven Wortrich–8:00A
    • Shacharis–8:30A
    • Chumash Shiur for Men & Women–6:40P
    • Beis Medrash Learning for Men–7:40P
    • Mincha/Shalosh Seudos for men–8:10P
    • Maariv/Shabbos Ends–9:29P
  • Weekday Schedule
    • Sunday Shacharis–8:00A
    • Weekday Mincha/Maariv–8:25P
    • Weekday Shacharis–6:40A

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