A Shabbos with Rabbi Yaakov Wolbe

The entire community is invited to experience this amazing Shabbaton.

The community is invited to Congregation Toras Chaim, Shabbos, February 7-8, 2020, to hear Rabbi Yaakov Wolbe present a series of inspirational over the course of one Shabbos. There is no cost for attending. Shabbation and individual shiur sponsorships are available and encouraged.

Shabbaton Generously Sponsored by Josh & Lisa Rothstein for $1,000

  • Reflections of a Grandson: Stories, Anecdotes, and Lessons of My Grandfather, Rabbi Shlomo Wolbe zt”l: Friday Night Oneg Shabbos after the meal at the Rich home (for men & women) Sponsored by Ben & Lauren Nise for $250
  • Prayer: Discovering and Harnessing Your Superpower: Shabbos Morning Following Kiddush (for men & women) 1 hr.  Sponsorship Available (Your Name/Dedication Here) $250
  • Bread of Angels: Absorbing and Digesting the Lessons of the Manna During Shalosh Seudos (for men & women) 30 mins.  Sponsorship Available (Your Name/Dedication Here) $250
  • Birthing an Empire of Torah in the Holy Land: The Chazon Ish and the Founding of the Israeli Yeshiva World: Motzei Shabbos Melava Malka at the Rothstein home (for men & women) Sponsorship Available (Your Name/Dedication Here) $250


Rabbi  Yaakov  Wolbe  is  the  Director  of  Outreach  for  TORCH,  a  Houston-based  Jewish  education  and  community outreach organization. In that capacity he has delivered hundreds of lectures, classes, and workshops on a wide range of subjects. A believer of harnessing new technologies for the dissemination of Torah, Rabbi Wolbe has launched and maintains five podcast channels (The Jewish History Podcast, The Parsha Podcast, This Jewish Life, Eternal Ethics, and TORAH 101), four of which have been ranked #1  overall  worldwide  on  iTunes  in  their  category  (“Judaism”).  His  podcasts  have  been  downloaded  hundreds  of  thousands  of  times  by  listeners  in  118  countries  and  all  50  states.  Rabbi  Wolbe  holds  Rabbinic ordinations from Rabbi Zalman Nechemia Goldberg, Chief Justice of the Supreme Rabbinical Court of Jerusalem and Aish HaTorah. His website is rabbiwolbe.com 

Rabbi Wolbe and his wife Chaya are the proud parents of Akiva, Yehoshua, Miriam, Shlomo, and Yitzy.

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