A Pre-Purim Shabbaton with Rabbi Yerachmiel & Rebbetzin Marcy Fried

Shabbaton sponsored by Ben & Lauren Nise.

Congregation Toras Chaim presents a Pre-Purim Shabbaton with special guest speakers
Harav Yerachmiel Fried, shlit”a and Rebbetzin Marcy Fried.

Shabbos, Parshas Terumah, February 28-29, 7103 Mumford Ct., Dallas 75252

Speech One: Purim & Tefillah — Rabbi Fried will speak for everyone in shul Friday night between Kabbalos Shabbos and Maariv.

Kiddush is sponsored by Yerachmiel and Shira Martin.

Speech Two: “Hadar Kiblu’ah”: The “2nd Sinai” of Purim — Rabbi Fried will speak Shabbos morning 11:30 AM after Kiddush for men & women in shul. Babysitting for children 3+.

Speech Three: “Mi’shnichnas Adar Marbim B’simcha” : How to Achieve Joy in Adar and Purim Rebbetzin Fried will speak for the women 5 PM for 60 minutes in shul. Babysitting provided by husbands :-)

Speech Four: “Ad D’lo Yada”: Going Beyond Comprehension on Purim — Rabbi Fried will speak for men & women during Shalosh Seudos. Babysitting for children 3+.

Shalosh Seudos is sponsored anonymously with Hakoros Hatov for the incredible work the Frieds do for our community.

Rabbi Yerachmiel D. Fried is the founding (and current) Rosh Kollel of the DATA: Dallas Area Torah Association. He is a Torah giant of our generation; a global resource of encyclopedic knowledge on a vast array of contemporary issues. He is also a communal adviser, regularly counseling numerous couples and individuals on overcoming life challenges. Rabbi Fried is perhaps best cherished for his wisdom, wit and sense of humor.

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