CTC Shavuos All-Night Torah Study

CTC Shavuos All-Night Torah Study 6

We will be learning the topic of Geneivas Daas (deceiving someone in order to gain an emotional advantage) in depth, from Mishna, Gemara, Rishonim, Achronim and Shailos v’Teshuvos, during 12 — 4:30 AM. We will have snack breaks every hour. At 4:30 AM we will stop for some sleep, then reconvene for Shacharis at 9:30 AM, refreshed and invigorated after a full night of learning. Following Shacharis we will have a Grand Kiddush (First One This Year Since COVID-19).

  • Learning 12 — 4;30 AM is for men.
  • Shacharis 9:30 AM for men and women using the usual men’s section and women’s section.
  • Kiddush following davening is for men and women using the usual men’s kiddush room and women’s kiddush room. We are having a kiddush on the second day as well.

Looking forward to an inspiring Shavuos.


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