Two Important Announcements

  • This is to announce our first Annual Meeting which will be held on Sunday, August 26th, 2007 at 9:00 AM immediately following davening at the shul. 
    Please join us in participating as we emplace our Executive Board and our Board of Directors.  All members are invited to vote on the slate of canditates presented by our Nominating Committee.  Suggestions and input from everyone is encouraged and should be directed to any one of the members of the Nominating Committee.  The members of our Nominating Committee are:
    Kenny Jarmel  972-407-9918
    Josh Rothstein  972-407-0305
    Wes Sutkin  972-267-4747
  • This Wednesday night and Thursday (tonight and tomorrow) a member of our congregation has Yahrtzeit for his mother. It is Imperative that we have a minyan tonight at 8 PM, tomorrow morning at 6:40 AM, and again tomorrow at 8 PM. Every man should consider himself that all important tenth, in this respect, and make every effort to be in shul.

Thank you for your effort in attending both of these very important events.

Warmest regards,
Rabbi Yaakov Rich

Congregation Toras Chaim
17912 Hillcrest Road
Dallas, Texas 75252

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Updated Class Schedule

Weekly Classes

  • Tuesdays and Thursdays 7:00 PM: Learn to Learn the Talmud for men with Rabbi Yaakov Rich (Will resume August 21, 2007)
  • Tuesdays 8 PM: Tefillah for women with Mrs. Suri Rosenblatt (Will resume October 9, 2007)
  • Wednesdays 7 PM: Path of the Just for men and women with Rabbi Yaakov Rich (Will resume August 15, 2007)
  • Shabbos one hour before Mincha: Chumash for men and women
  • Sundays after Shacharis: Laws of Tefillin for men
  • Sundays 7 PM: Chumash for women, Rabbi Yaakov Rich (Will resume August 19, 2007)

Shabbos Schedule

Shabbos Parshas Re’eh

Shabbos Times and Schedule: Aug 10-11, 2007 - 27 Av 5767

  • Candlelighting: Preferably no later than 7:25 PM. In extreme circumstances, 7:59 PM 
  • Mincha / Kabbalos Shabbos: 7 PM
  • Shacharis: 9 AM
  • Chumash Class (Rabbi Rich): 6:30 PM for men and women
  • Mincha / Shalosh Seudos: 7:30 PM / Shkia: 8:16 PM
  • Maariv / End of Shabbos: 9:01 PM