Purim Cards by Yad Eliezer

Purim Cards by Yad Eliezer
Purim Cards by Yad Eliezer

Choose one of two (2) ways to order : 

1) Purchase Purim Cards to Mail

Contact Susan Cohen (email) sdcohenhome@hotmail.com  (or phone) 443-377-0798
or Contact Joan Slabiak (email)  joanslabiakye@gmail.com  (or phone) 469-226-1201

2) Purchase E-Cards

Purchase Deadline: March 13, 2022 



Send e-mail to joanslabiakye@gmail.com that should include: 1) a copy of the Yad Eliezer receipt, 2) the number of the e-card that you choose by clicking the button below, 3) the name of the sender or text to write on the e-card 

We will personalize the e-cards and send it back to you to send to as many people as you like.

All of the above given now until Purim count as your Matanot L’evyonim! Remember, Matanot L’evyonim must be over and above your maaser money.