Chanukah Melava Malka

Congregation Toras Chaim Chanukah Melava Malka Join us for an evening of inspiration, the last night of Chanukah, December 15th Sushi, Wine, and Hors D’ouvres will be served. (Member Price): $36 a couple / $20 per person (Non-Member Price): $54 a couple / $36 per person ADULTS ONLY PLEASE

CTC Sisterhood Formation

Exciting news about the formation of a CTC Sisterhood. Yocheved Neeland and Tricia Sutkin will be co-chairing the organization. They will be developing great programming and learning opportunities for the women, as well as facilitating and creating ongoing and new endeavors within broader shul community. Yasher Koach to Yocheved and Tricia for undertaking this great responsibility….

An Accomplished Woman, Who Can Find?

A Letter to the Women from Rebbitzen Susan Rich Dear Ladies, אשת חיל מי ימצא – An Accomplished Woman, Who Can Find? The women of our Shul who support and encourage their husbands’ learning and minyan attendance are to be commended. The sacrifice you make by doing this, whether it be staying at home alone…