Annette’s Torah: New Torah Honors Legacy of Special Teacher

Annette’s Torah

By Deb Silverthorn

Annette Becker Wolk, of blessed memory, is being honored with the fulfillment of the 613th commandment, the writing of a Torah, in her memory.  

More than 400 families across the country have participated in the campaign to bring Annette’s Torah, the books of Moses that Annette studied, taught and lived, to be housed on the Schultz Rosenberg Campus of Akiba Yavneh Academy,

“Annette, aleha hashalom, set the spiritual tone in our home. She set the spiritual tone, the ruach, at Akiba Yavneh. I was speechless when first approached about the Torah project, which is so meaningful to our family,” said Rabbi Howard Wolk, Annette’s husband of 44 years until her death in February 2020. “Annette’s smile was always authentic and her chayn, her sweetness and pleasantness, touched the lives of children and adults.

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